Purpose Driven NFT Communities.

What is Vana?

Vana is a platform to join & create local meet-up groups for in-person events, co-living, or community building. NFT owners will be able to create groups on the platform and accept new members, or sell the NFT on the public blockchain.

What is the utility of a Vana NFT?

Community organizers will be given DAO distributed rewards to grow their community. Members of that community may also receive rewards or obtain governance rights which determine the future of the group.

Is there a Whitelist to owning a Vana NFT?

Early users of the iOS app will be rewarded with the opportunity to mint a Vana NFT.

When is Mint Date?

We are aiming for Q1 of 2022 to mint Vana Community NFTs.

How many NFTs can be minted?

There will be a set limit to how many groups can be created on the platform, increasing the value of owning a Vana Community NFT and incentivizing community organizers to offer more to its members. More information on minting will be released at a future date.